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Society of Economic Geologists

University of Bristol Student Chapter

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Welcome to the Bristol SEG

SEG is an international organisation which aims to provide economic geology related opportunities to its members and serves as a link between undegrads, postgrads, academics and professionals with an interest in economic geology. Our chapter at the UoB is one of over 70 affiliated Student Chapters around the world. The chapter was established in 2015 to encourage an interest in all things economic geology with:

  • Informal lectures from world-leading academics
  • Careers advice from the industry's top employers
  • Workshops debating topics at the cutting edge of the science
  • Field trips to areas of interest

Feel free to browse around for details of our past and upcoming events, a selection of choice photographs and some useful links.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in joining contact any of our committee members in person or via email. Bristol SEG is also on facebook and twitter where we will be happy to help you join, or just answer any questions you might have. You don't need to join the international SEG to be a part of the Bristol chapter but doing so will get you access to:

  • SEG Newsletter
  • Access to the SEG mentoring program
  • Reduced price SEG publications
  • Online access to Economic Geology
  • Membership of a global network of economic geologists